Our S​to​ry

A Scrap Book of time....

Garage Days 2014-2016 

In 2014 Shooters Archery was founded by owners Jeff Buttolph and his wife, Natalie Irvin. Jeff always had a passion for bow hunting and the mechanics of building a more accurate bow through precision tuning, string and arrow building. Our first 3 years were operated solely as a home based business. Through increasing demand, we quickly outgrew what one person could produce and service in his garage.

New Location ​2017

 In 2017, with the help of family, we put a bid on a 5 year vacant hardware store. The building was left abandoned, and needed work, but we saw a "diamond in the rough". Our proposal was accepted and right away we began renovations.  Our doors opened 3.5 short months after the closing date, only because of our gracious volunteer friends. and family.

New Ran​ges ​2017

The 30 acres of mixed pasture and wooded land was unique and would quickly become our various shooting ranges., including a 20 acre 3D course. Our 8,000 sf building was split in half to form our retail area and indoor, climate controlled range.

Ne​w Prod​ucts ​2020-2022

Each year brought new challenges and an expansion from archery, to fishing (Anglers Bait & Tackle), black powder and ammunition. In 2022 we needed to simplify our brand into one and are now doing business as Central Virginia Outdoors.